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 List of mines in Bisbee, Arizona

  Warren Mining District



Mine Name

 27 (raise number) (see Southwest #1 Shaft)

#4 Claim

"Brook" (see Holbrook #2 Shaft)

1915 Southwest Tunnel (see Southwest Tunnel)

770 Adit (Junction adit)

770 Junction Adit

2-27 (raise number) (see Southwest #1 Shaft)

2-27-1 (raise number) (see Southwest #2 Shaft)

2-27-2 (raise number)  (see Southwest #3 Shaft)

27-1 (raise number) (see Southwest #2 Shaft)

27-2 (raise number)  (see Southwest #3 Shaft)

3rd Level Southwest Mine (see Queen Tunnel)

5th level Southwest (see Southwest Tunnel)

A.B.C. Mine(see Arizona Bisbee Copper Company Shaft)

ABC Shaft (see Arizona Bisbee Copper Company Shaft)

Air Shaft ( Sacramento mine)

American Development Shaft (see Saginaw Shaft)

American-Saginaw Shaft

Arizona Bisbee Copper Company Shaft

Arizona Consolidated Shaft

Arizona Prince Tunnel (see Copper Prince Tunnel)

Atlanta Shaft

Atlanta Shaft  (see Southwest #3 Shaft there also is another Atlanta shaft)

Bakerville shaft ( see Campbell Shaft)

Baxter Tunnel

Bazaar Shaft

Bernard Tunnel

Big Fortune Shaft

Bisbee-Arizona Mine

Bisbee Belle Mine

Bisbee-Duluth Mine

Bisbee Con Shaft (see Bisbee Consolidated Shaft)

Bisbee Consolidated Shaft

Bisbee Extension Mine

Bisbee Queen Shaft

Bisbee West # 1 Shaft

Bisbee West # 3 Shaft

Bisbee West #2 Shaft

Bisbee West #4 Shaft

Bisbee-Arizona Shaft

Blass Shaft

Blass Tunnel

Boras  Shaft

Boras # 2 Shaft

Boras Incline Shaft

Briggs Shaft

Broken Promise # 1 Shaft (see Wolverine #1 Shaft)

Broken Promise # 2 Shaft (see Wolverine #2 Shaft)

Broken Promise Shaft (see Wolverine #1 Shaft)

Bullard Mine

C & A Shaft  (see Irish Mag Shaft uncommonly refers to Oliver Shaft)

C & B Shaft (see Calumet & Bisbee Shaft)

C & C Shaft ( commonly used) (see Calumet & Cochise Shaft)

C & P Shaft (see Briggs Shaft)

Calumet & Arizona Shaft  (see Irish Mag Shaft)

Calumet & Bisbee Shaft

Calumet & Cochise Shaft

Calumet & Pittsburgh Shaft (see Briggs Shaft)

Campbell Interior Shaft (between 1200 and 1300 levels)

Campbell Interior Shaft (between 2966 and 3100 levels)

Campbell Shaft

Cannon Tunnel

Chapman Shaft

Charon Shaft

Cochise Incline Shaft

Cochise Pit

Cochise Project (see Cochise Pit)

Cochise Queen Shaft

Cochise Shaft

Cole # 2 Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

Cole # 3 Shaft (see The Lake Superior & Pittsburg #3 Shaft)

Cole Adit

Cole Interior Shaft

Cole Shaft

Congdon Shaft

Contact Shaft (see Red Jacket Shaft)

Copper Boy Shaft

Copper Czar Shaft ( original name) (see Czar Shaft)

Copper Glance Shaft

Copper King of Arizona mine (see Copper King Shaft)

Copper King Shaft

Copper King Tunnel

Copper Prince Tunnel

Copper Queen Cave (see Gloryhole)

Copper Queen Incline Shaft (see Copper Queen Shaft)

Copper Queen Mine  (often refers to all Bisbee mines or all of the C.Q.M.Co. mines)

Copper Queen Mine Tour (see Queen Tunnel)

Copper Queen Open Cut (see Gloryhole)

Copper Queen Shaft

Copperopolis Mine

Crazy Horse Pete Shaft

Crescent Shaft (see Veranda Shaft)

Cuprite Shaft

Czar Shaft

Dallas Shaft

Denn & Arizona Shaft (see Denn Shaft)

Denn Shaft

Disowned Mine

Dividend Shaft (See Crazy Horse Pete Shaft)

Don Luis Pit (see Wade Hampton Pit)

Drainage Tunnel (see Copper Prince Tunnel)

Dubacher Shaft

Duluth & Pittsburgh Shaft (see Congdon Shaft)

East # 1 Shaft

East Side Mine

East Side Shaft

East Side Tunnel

Easter Sunday Mine

Easter Sunday Shaft

Easter Sunday Adit

Empire State Tunnel

Galena Mine / Claim

Galena Shaft

Gardner Shaft

Georgia Tunnel

Glance Shaft ( see Copper Glance)


Gloryholes (Sac pit)

Goddard Shaft

Gold Hill Tunnel

Golden Era Mine

Golden Era Shaft

Golden Gate Mine

Grass Valley Shaft

Hargis Incline

Hayes Air Shaft (see Hayes  Shaft)

Hayes Shaft

Hedberg tunnel

Henderson Shaft

Hendricks Mine

Higgins Incline (see Hargis Incline)

Higgins Incline Shaft (see Hargis Incline)

Higgins mine

Higgins Mine ( see Twilight Mine)

Higgins Shaft

Higgins Tunnel

Hoatson Shaft

Holbrook #1 Shaft

Holbrook #2 Shaft

Holbrook Extension

Holbrook Shaft (see Holbrook #1 Shaft Can also refer to Holbrook #2 Shaft)

Home Town Mine

Hope-Wagner Shaft (see Powell Shaft)

Houghton Shaft (see Palmer Shaft)

Houghton Tunnel (lower)

Houghton Tunnel (upper)

Irish Mag Air Shaft

Irish Mag Shaft

Irish Meg # 2

Ironclad Mine/Claim

Ivanhoe Shaft

Junction Adit

Junction Air Shaft

Junction Development Shaft (see Junction  Shaft)

Junction Shaft

Juniper Flats Mine

Kentucky tunnel

L & A Mine (see Lowell Shaft)

L. S. & P. # 2 Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

L. S. & P. # 3 Shaft

L. S.& P. Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

Lake Superior & Pittsburgh # 2 Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

Lake Superior & Pittsburgh #3 Shaft

Lake Superior & Pittsburgh Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

Lavender Pit

Lavender Pit Concentrator Tunnel

Limestone mine

Little Emil Mine (prospect)

Lonestar Shaft

Lookout shaft

Lover's Leap Shaft

Lowell & Arizona Shaft (see Lowell Shaft)

Lowell Air Shaft

Lowell Incline Shaft

Lowell Shaft

Lower  Tunnel (see Houghton Tunnel)

Lower Shaft (see East Side Shaft)

Lytle Contract (see Young Shaft)

Mag Shaft (see Irish Mag Shaft)

Main shaft (see Bisbee West #2 Shaft)

Mammoth Tunnel

Manganese Workings ( see Twilight Mine)

Marquette & Arizona Mine

Mary Ann Mine/Claim

Merrill-Bell Shaft

Merrill Shaft (See Crazy Horse Pete Shaft)

Modern Mine

Mountain View Mine

Myers Tunnel

Neptune Tunnel

New Holbrook Shaft (see Holbrook#2 Shaft)

New Southwest Shaft(see Southwest #3 Shaft also commonly refers to Sunrise Shaft)

New York Mine

New York Shaft (see New York Mine)

Night hawk Shaft

No. 3 shaft ( see The Lake Superior & Pittsburg #3 Shaft)

No.4 Incline shaft

Oakland Shaft

Old Grass Valley Shaft (see Grass Valley Shaft)

Old Higgins (see Higgins Shaft also refers to Higgins Tunnel)

Old Holbrook Shaft (see Holbrook #1 Shaft)

Old Shaft (see Bisbee West #2 Shaft)

Old Southwest shaft (see Southwest #3 Shaft also can refer to Southwest #2 Shaft)

Old Warren Shaft (see Lonestar Shaft)

Old World's Fair Shaft (see World's Fair Shaft)

Oliver shaft

P & D Shaft (see Congdon Shaft)

P & H Shaft (see Pittsburgh & Hecla Shaft)

Pájaro Shaft (see Cochise Shaft)

Palmer Shaft

Phelps Tunnel

Pittsburgh & Duluth Shaft (see Congdon Shaft)

Pittsburgh & Hecla Shaft

Portage Lake & Bisbee  Shaft (see Portage Lake  Shaft)

Portage Lake Shaft

Powell Shaft

Prince Tunnel (see Copper Prince Tunnel)

Queen Incline (see Copper Queen Shaft)

Queen mine  (see Queen Tunnel)

Queen Mine Tour (see Queen Tunnel)

Queen Tunnel

Quincy & Arizona Shaft

Red Jacket & Bisbee Shaft (see Red Jacket Shaft)

Red Jacket Shaft

Reese Shaft

Rucker Mine

S & B # 2 Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

S & B # 3 Shaft (see Lake Superior & Pittsburgh #3 Shaft)

S & P Shaft (see Hoatson Shaft)

S & P No.3 Shaft (see Lake Superior & Pittsburgh #3 Shaft)

Sacramento Adit

Sac air shaft (see Air Shaft ( Sacramento )

Sac Pit (see Sacramento Pit)

Sac Shaft (see Sacramento Shaft)

Sac Hill

Sac hill Tunnel (see Sacramento Tunnel)

Sac Tunnel (see Sacramento Tunnel)

Sacramento Concentrator Tunnel

Sacramento Hill (see Sacramento Pit term often used in death certificates)

Sacramento Pit

Sacramento Shaft

Sacramento Tunnel

Saginaw Incline (see World's Fair shaft)

Saginaw Shaft

Shaft # 3

Shattuck & Arizona Shaft (see Shattuck Shaft)

Shattuck Denn Shaft (see Denn Shaft)

Shattuck shaft

Silver Bear Incline Shaft

Silver Bear Shaft

Silver Spray Shaft ( original name)(see Spray Shaft)

South Bisbee # 2 Shaft (see Cole Shaft)

South Bisbee # 3 Shaft (see Lake Superior & Pittsburgh #3 Shaft)

South Bisbee #1 Shaft

Southwest # 1 Shaft

Southwest # 2 Shaft

Southwest # 3 Shaft

Southwest 1915 Tunnel (see Southwest Tunnel)

Southwest Interior Shaft (see Southwest #3 Shaft)

Southwest main line ( see Queen Tunnel)

Southwest Shaft (see Sunrise and other Southwest Shafts)

Southwest Tunnel

Spray Shaft

Steam Shovel Pit (see Sacramento Pit)

Subway (see Sacramento Tunnel)

Subway Tunnel (see Sacramento Tunnel)

Sunrise Shaft

Superior & Boston Mine

Superior & Pittsburgh Shaft (see Hoatson Shaft)

Superior & Pittsburgh Shaft no.3 shaft (see Lake Superior & Pittsburgh #3 Shaft)

The Gloryhole (see Gloryhole)

The Pit (see Gloryhole)

Thompson Shaft

Thursby Incline Shaft

Truax Mine (see Juniper Flats Mine)

Truax Gold Property (see Juniper Flats Mine)

Truax-Zane Claims (see Juniper Flats Mine)

Twilight Mine

Twilight mine (Higgins Mine)

Twilight Shaft (Higgins Mine)

Utah Shaft

U.S. Shaft (see Uncle Sam Shaft)

Uncle Sam Shaft

United Verde Extension Shaft (see Bisbee Queen Shaft)

Upper Higgins Tunnel

Upper Shaft (see East Side Shaft)

Upper Tunnel (see Houghton Tunnel)

UVX Shaft (see Bisbee Queen Shaft)

Van Horn Shaft (see Charon Shaft)

Veranda Shaft

Wade Hampton Pit

Wade Hampton Shaft

Warren Incline

Warren Raise (see Warren Incline)

Warren Shaft

West Atlanta

West Atlanta (see Southwest Tunnel)

West Shaft

White Tail Incline Shaft

Whitetail Deer Incline

White tail Shaft (see Whitetailed Deer Shaft)

White Tailed Deer Shaft (see Whitetailed Deer Shaft)

Whitetail Deer Shaft

Wolverine & Arizona Shaft (see Wolverine interior Shaft also refers to Wolverine #2 Shaft)

Wolverine Interior (see Wolverine interior Shaft)

Wolverine interior Shaft (Higgins Tunnel Level)

Wolverine interior Shaft (100 Level)

Wolverine Shaft (see Wolverine #1 Shaft also refers to Wolverine #2 Shaft)

Wolverine#1 Shaft

Wolverine#2 Shaft

World's Fair Shaft

Young Shaft






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