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Modern Mine



This property was located seven miles northeast of the town of Bisbee It was discovered by Mr. O.H. Briggs in1896 The Modern Mining Company formed in April 1901 to develop the property. Stock for this property sold well, but soon litigation broke out. An important stock holder, M.R. Harlan accused the company president N.A. Centers of embezzling over $3,000. Even with the legal issues, two shafts were sunk. A 40ft. shaft was completed with 20ft. of cross cut on the Fortune group of claims. The main shaft was sunk to a depth of 230 ft. on the Iron Mountain #1 claim. Two levels were developed with crosscut on the 100 level and the 200 level. The 200 level also had a pump station. Cuprite and native copper was purportedly found in mine as well as native gold . It was original planned to sink the main shaft to the 400 level. Later, when with new stockholders a new shaft was considered to be placed ¾ of a mile from the main shaft. These projects were never completed. The property was largely idle from 1903 on and in 1905 the Bisbee Daily Review reported that since the annual assessment work had not been completed that the claims were likely to be relocated by others. In August 1905 the Review reported that as the oldest and most expansively promoted property that “If they do not have better fortune in the near future than in the past, they will have to change have to change its name to “Ancient”.” The assessment work was eventually completed by the Modern Mining Company in early 1906. M.R. Harlan did win a settlement of 50,000 shares of stock, but by this time the mine had largely failed. As with the Empire State tunnel and the North Bisbee Extension this property far enough to question whether it truly is in the Warren Mining District, but during its operation it was considered part of the district.

Ad for stock in the  Modern Mine 1903

An ad from March 1903

Drawing of the Modern Mine near Bisbee Az

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