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Social History


Red-Light District

From 1892 until 1917 a Red-Light district flourished in Bisbee. Seen as an unpleasant necessity it was accepted until a military camp was placed in Lowell during World War I. Federal regulations did not allow a military camp to be within three miles of a Red-light district and the community law-makers voted to close the district for the duration of the war.....

Girls Of The Red-Light

Time has shadowed the soiled doves of Bisbee. At any given time there were as many as 100 girls working in the red-light district. Some were reported to be as young as thirteen. Most worked under carefully constructed alias that hid their true identities. Quickly, these “Nome de plumes” took over and these names were recorded on all legal documents and in many cases even their burial records......

Whispers of the Underworld

A view into prostitution, drug use and “white slavery” in Bisbee. This is an abbreviated version of the book Whispers of the Underworld. Pdf download 4mb  



Stories and Legends

Compilation of early local stories and legends.



List of Bisbee Arizona Businesses 

 A series of  lists of  containing  information on  Bisbee  businesses starting in 1881. The lists are far  from complete and will be updated as information is found.

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