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This is a place to share images of  Bisbee mining company employees through years. If you wish to add a photograph  of an employee , you can email it to.



Contributors To  Bisbee Miners List

Carolyn J. Sanders

 Veronica Murray

      Mark  Pederson

        Nina Graeme

        Diane Beling


Glenn L Allen Shattuck Denn Mill superintendent. Circa 1920

Keith Coke, Chief Geologist in the lavender pit sitting on blasted timber. Photo taken in April, 1970

Garland Wolff Circa 1910's

C.H. Howard working as a mucker underground. Circa 1910's

Thomas McFeely A hoisting engineer for Copper Queen Consolidated mining Company. Circa 1910's

Jimmy O'Brien, Ropeshop foreman checking the cable on the Cole main hoist 1964.

James R Bond miner who worked in the Dallas mine.

Benjamin Fyhr Machinist/Engineer, C & A M Co 1905-1917

Dave Beling, Mine Engineer at the Campbell from 1964-1969.

Melvin Elkins started underground in the Sacramento Mine in 1951. He spent most of his time in the Cole mine as a tool nipper, working until the shutdown. He later went to work at the Douglas Smelter.

Pumpman John Caretto at the 2966 level Campbell pumps.

Ropeman Ben Hamrick standing on the cage. Photo taken on the Cole shaft 1450 station.

Shift boss Keith Lemon on the 2833 level Campbell mine.

The geologist Gary Dunlop on the 2700 level Junction mine.

George Washburn worked as a supply clerk in 1920, originally from Montana. Photo circa 1900

Henry Hernandez worked underground from 1962-1975 and in the 1980's working for Bisbee Salvage & Equipment Company. Better know as "Pelon" spent most of his career as a miner, When the mines closed he ending up working at the Douglas Smelter.

Bobby (Pete) Oller Started working in the mines at Bagdad, Arizona. He ended up working underground in Bisbee as a miner until the mines shutdown. He also spent time working underground at Dos Cabezas and at the Douglas smelter

Charles Keeler Started working underground in Bisbee in the 1880's retired in 1950

John Palomino Started working underground in 1943 working until the mines closed. he finished his career underground as a tool nipper.

Richard Graeme II Worked as a miner until World War II

Niels Martin Pederson. Collection Mark Pederson. Used with permission