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Misc mining

mine fire Bisbee Arizona

Mine Fires

Underground Mine fires are the industries greatest hazard with disastrous toll on miner’s live and great losses of property and income for the mine.....

parts of a crosscut Bisbee Arizona

Crosscuts & Drifts

In Bisbee, crosscut and drifts are the terms used for all horizontal mine workings which, are commonly thought of as “tunnels” by the general public. The terms drift and crosscut have been corrupted by Bisbee miners.....

Verde chute Bisbee Arizona

Verde Chute

The Verde chute design came to Bisbee from Jerome (United Verde Branch) in the1940’s.   The simple design was easier to install than previous  chute designs used in Bisbee and quickly became the dominate type used.

mules Bisbee Arizona



Men known as trammers ( later they were sometimes called “mules”) pushed these cars. This was an effective method as long as the distanced the cars were trammed was short, 500 feet or less. As the mines developed the distanced the cars needed to be pushed increased. Bisbee’s mining companies looked for a more efficient method and chose mule haulage.


Metal Production

The total metals production for Bisbee's mines up to the end of leaching in 2013.

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