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Job titles for the underground divison.

List of jobs in the underground divisons by time period.


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Organizational chart for the underground mines division

 1944 and 1968 organizational charts for hourly employees in the underground mines division.

miners timbering Bisbee Arizona


An important part of the mining culture were the nicknames that miner’s referred to each other by.  These names were frequently colorful and offensive, often the coworkers never knew the miners real name......

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Fatal Mine Accidents

The majority of the fatal mine accidents that occurred in Bisbee, Arizona are included in the following list. Research has revealed that at least 332 men were killed in mining accidents from the beginning of mining until 1975......

miner trapped by mine car Bisbee Arizona

7-Bells: Mine Safety & Accidents at Bisbee, Arizona

Mining is inherently dangerous. Quickly moving heavy equipment, handling large tonnages of broken rock and detonating tons of explosives provide the potential for disaster. When the mines in Bisbee began, accidents were relatively few. The number of men employed was small, and the technology was basic. This early mining was done by hand drilling and blasting shallow drill holes.......473 pages  pdf download  8mb

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 Miners lists

Several different lists of mining company employees, including leasers and mercantile and hospital. Compiled from various sources.

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 Miners Wages 1968-1973

A table with the hourly payrate of underground empolyees.

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 Miners Gallery

A gallery of mining company employees contributed by their family and friends.


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