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The Bisbee land mark Castle rock is a block of the Escabrosa limestone. This Mississippian age Block has been faulted downward to it's present position from the mountains to the Southwest.

Post mining aragonite stalactite forming above the timber. Inside the Queen Tunnel at the Intersection of 39 XC and 30 XC . Longest stalactite is 5 cm.

A oxide ore contact of auricular malachite and iron oxides with the escabrosa limestone. Located inside the Copper Prince Mine

Water course
Water course

Tree roots growing out of a water course inside a drift underground. View 2 meters high 59 crosscut, 4th Level Southwest mine

Pocket of calcite crystals forming at the contact of the Escabrosa limestone and Iron oxides. Located at the edge of an orebody on B level Copper Queen Mine.

Brachiopods in Devonian age Martin Limestone.jpg

Calcite 6th level Southwest mine, Note the particles of dirt deposited by nearby mining

Spirifor hungerfordi eroding from a silicified section of the Devonian Martin Limestone

Subsidence cracks on Bucky O'Neil hill (Queen hill) created from ore oxidation and mine subsidence. Local lore states that they are from the 1887 earthquake which is untrue.

“Smelter” malachite secondary malachite deposited on limestone from the smelter smoke. This type of post mining malachite is commonly found on Queen Hill (Bucky O’Neil Hill).

One of the numerous calcite pockets in a silica breccia boulder

Polished section of goethite showing layering that filled in Preexisting botryoidal Geothite.

Dividend fault exposed in the highway 80 road cut near mill site.

Glance Conglomerate with turquoise from the Lavender pit.

Manganese oxide dendrites on limestone from the waste dumps 5th level Southwest mine .

Mural Limestone cliff dipping 30 degrees to the east. In the center the Mexican canyon fault cutting it in two and displacing the beds vertically 500 feet.

Part of a cave struck by a crosscut, note the drill side rod rusting in the pooled water.

Hematite and Geothite banding inside the Copper Queen Open Cut (Gloryhole) Approximately 6 ft. across

Subsidence cracks in Bucky O'Neill hill (Queen Hill)

Post-mining iron oxides forming in acid water 6th level southwest mine

Calcite crystals in situ 7th level Southwest mine

Fossil trash in the Mural limestone.

Dust covered cave in the side of a crosscut 5th level Southwest mine.

A orange colored gossan capping covering the light gray granite porphyry with cretaceous age limestone in background.

A large iron oxide boulder (2ft across) containing azurite 6th level southwest mine.

postmining calcite 6 level southwest mine.

Acicular malachite in a pillar 5th level Southwest mine.

Calcite tinted by copper on the track of 9 crosscut that drove through a small cave.

Drift flooded with acidic mine water from oxidizing sulfides.

Postmining aragonite birds nest 4th level Southwest mine Bisbee, Az.