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Houghton Development company mines

Houghton tunnel (upper)

Houghton tunnel (Lower)

Houghton shaft / Palmer shaft



     Houghton Development Company started August 11, 1903 and began to work the former Solomon Springs Copper Companies’ claims.  This property had a shaft known as the Palmer Shaft that was over 135 feet deep and a short adit.  The Houghton Company under the guidance of a Michigan engineer, George Lawton began to develop two adits, which were referred to as the upper and lower tunnels. Lack of water was a serious concern and it had to be brought to the mines by four-horse teams from Naco, Arizona at a cost of 25 cents a barrel. Some diamond drilling was done on the claims partially to find water, but had little results in finding ore. Interestingly,electric drills powered by a gasoline generator were used in drive the tunnels. The lower adit was largely accessible in the 1990s, but had for an extended period of time been the home for a herd of javelina.

Diagram of the  Houghton Development Company Bisbee Az


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