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Galena Shaft



Galena Headframe Bisbee Arizona

The Galena Headframe from Tintown during the reclamation

The last of the deep shafts to be started for exploration. Sinking started on July 17, 1936. Its headframe was taken from the Cuprite shaft in Uncle Sam Gulch and a change house was built. During 1936, the shaft was sunk to a depth of 1104ft. In the following year work was done on the 600, 800, 1000 levels and a connection was made to the 1300 level Campbell Mine from the 1300 level  Galena. 5,338ft. of crosscuts were driven in 1939 without encouraging results. The Galena was shut down as an exploration shaft in September 1940 after 1307 ft. of drifting on the 600 and 1300 levels along with 6548ft. of diamond drilling. No significant ore was discovered.  In 1943 the hoist from the Galena was moved to the Cole shaft and the dinkey hoist from the Cole replaced the one removed from the Galena. Although, it was no longer used as an exploration shaft the Galena was converted into a ventilation shaft and had a large blower mounted over the shaft.  It remained as ventilation shaft until mining operations ceased. The large headframe and blower still remain at the site and can be seen from either the Bisbee High School or with a better view from Tintown. The mine dumps have been flattened and reclaimed. All levels below the 800 are underwater.

Galena Headframe and hoist Bisbee Arizona

The Galena headframe and hoist around 1988

Diagram of the Galena shaft Bisbee Arizona

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