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Copper Glance Mining Company

Copper Glance #1 Shaft

Copper Glance #2 Shaft

Copper Glance #3 Shaft

Copper Glance #4 Shaft

Bazaar Shaft

Utah Shaft

Irish Meg #2 Shaft

Grass Valley Shaft (Old Grass valley shaft)


No.4 Incline shaft

Mining Claims of the Copper Glance Mining Company Bisbee, Arizona

     Copper Glance Mining Company was started in March 1901; its management was largely formed of Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company mine bosses. The vice president was C.C. Warner the foreman of the Holbrook mine, A.G. Watkins the superintendent was also a foreman. The treasurer was James Woods was a metallurgist for C.Q.C.M.Co. and C.L. Beckworth the manager at the Copper Glance was a former chief engineer. These men were well qualified and worked hard to develop the property with prospecting shafts. Both the Bisbee Daily Review and The Copper Handbook wrote highly about the property. Copper stain could be readily seen on the claims as was an occasional piece of chalcocite. In 1903 the main shaft had reached a depth of 500 ft. when water was struck. After six months pumps were installed and the shaft sunk to 542ft. Water was again struck and the miners were unable to continue sinking the shaft. Still optimistic a community of a dozen houses built up near the mine and there was desire to formally request a post office be placed at the mine site. By 1904 the prospects at the Copper Glance began to look bleak and there was a change in staff and T.B. Shide became superintendent, within a year Shide fled Bisbee owning almost $1000.00. The faro tables at the Orient Saloon were given credit for his down fall. He was later arrested at a hot springs near Phoenix and brought to justice. This episode did little to help the image of the Copper Glance and it continued to decline. The mine operated until the end of 1904 and has remained dormant since this time.

Diagram of the mines owned by theMining Claims of the Copper Glance Mining Company Bisbee, Arizona

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