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Irish Mag Air Shaft



An air shaft was most likely sunk in 1900 and was first intercepted by the Irish Mag 750 level during exploration of the northeast end of the Mag claim. Later connections were made to provide air flow to the 850, and 950 levels of the Irish Mag. The shaft also had a 450 level. This level was originally exclusive to the Irish Mag air shaft and was used for exploration. In 1905 a headframe was erected over the air shaft, so it could be used for more exploration above the 750 level. Later, these upper levels were proven to be enormously rich in ore. The main Irish Mag shaft actually did not develop a 450 level until 1909. The shaft was later covered by the Lavender pit dumps in 1968.

Map showing the location of the   Irish Mag air shaft Bisbee Arizona

   Irish Mag air shaft is on the right side and the Mag shaft (Irish Mag) is located in top center (Ransome 1903)

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