Powell shaft

Hope-wagner shaft



In November of 1908, the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company prepared the ground to begin sinking a new shaft to explore the Hope and Wagner claims. Rich discoveries in the nearby Shattuck mine prompted the decision to develop this shaft. In December of 1908 sinking began and by the end of 1909 the 2 ½ compartment shaft was 609ft. deep. During this same year nearly 5,000 ft. of crosscuts were driven on the mine’s three levels. No significant ore was found and it was decided to shut down the project in December of 1909. The Powell shaft was kept ready for reactivation and between 1913 and February 28, 1914 drifting was completed on the 400 level. Interestingly, at the time it was proposed that the Congdon headframe and hoist would be converted along with an additional number of new towers into an aerial tramway for hauling any ore found at the Powell to the rail line. For the next 33 years the mine remained closed. In 1947 the Cole Adit intercepted the Powell shaft 25 ft. below the 400 level for ventilation. It served as an official ventilation shaft until 1948 when the exploration in the Cole Adit ceased. Of course the shaft continued to naturally ventilate the Cole Adit workings and kept the timber in the adit in a dry, sturdy, new-like condition. The shaft below the adit was bulk-headed over after the crosscut had intercepted the Powell shaft.  Lack of ventilation below the adit level caused the shaft timber to decay and fall out. During the 1990’s above the adit level, the shaft timber remained intact to the surface although, close to the collar it was in questionable condition. The remains of the wooden headframe was still piled up on the dump.

The Powell shaft, note the remains of the headframe in the upper left corner.

A jumble mass of timber at the collar of the Powell shaft. The remaining compressed air line (bottom center) can be seen continuing down the shaft. Twisted remains of the landing chairs(top center) are still to be found hidden among the timber.

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