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Bullard Mine



Little is known about this working. It was probably located near the Czar Mine and extended to the 100 ft. level of the Czar. The shaft was likely an air raise converted into a shaft for the use by lessees. The names for air raises/ shafts at this time often originated from the names of the lease operators, such as the Van Horn shaft named after John Van Horn and the Crazy Horse Pete incline after “Crazy Horse” Pete Ivanovich. Part of the Atlanta and Cave claims were being worked by lessees Bullard & D’Albini in 1922-1923. This location is close enough to consider that the Bullard mine may be another only another name for the Crazy Horse Pete Incline which is located near this area. Also, it is possible there was no direct access to the workings and could have been a name given to a leased section of the mine. In this case the lessees shared a common entry point such as the Czar Shaft and the Bullard itself had no direct access to the surface. This would also mean that the Bullard was actually only a leased section of another mine.

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