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Misc Mining Equipment

Mine Phones

Mine phones were used to communicate between levels and the surface, they were installed at each shaft station, some bosses desks and other important areas in the mine.  Phones were first installed underground in the Campbell and Junction mines in 1932......

Wheel Barrows

Wheel barrows have been used for centuries in mining and were present at Bisbee’s beginning. The typical wheel barrow for Bisbee mines is one with a steel tub and a single all steel wheel. A double wheel version was found on the 6th level of the Southwest mine  in the leaser area,.....

Air Doors

Good ventilation is extremely important in underground mines. A well designed ventilation system can be used to control the temperature, quality of breathable air and in modern mines disperse radon gas. Air doors were used to prevent the passage of air through a mine working, in locations where access to the sealed area is still needed......


Blow pipes are made from pipe and are used to direct a high velocity stream of compressed air to remove debris from a surface. They are better known as air lances and are commonly used in other industries.

Mucking Machines

Mucking machines   are small compressed air operated front end loaders designed for underground mining. Mucking machines were the first that were introduced in Bisbee mines in the late 1930’s to early 1940’s replacing hand mucking in the crosscuts and later into some stopes.

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