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Pipe & Track Car


Pipe and Track car inside Queen tunnel

Pipe and track car located at the bosses desk inside the Queen tunnel

note: it is mounted on an “A” car truck

Pipe and track cars were used by the pipe and track men to haul around the supplies that they needed. They usually are full of fish plates, track bolts, pipe fittings and tools like a Jim Crow (rail bender). The cars were wooden boxes with a metal frame mounted on a set of trucks. The box lid was hinged a third of the way a cross and opens for storage. The lid will also have a hasp for locking with a padlock. On the stationary section of the lid, a pipe vise was mounted.

Pipe and Track car Queen mine tours

End of car showing pipe vise that is bolted on


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Richard Graeme III  2011, pers. comm., 2 February


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