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Bisbee Jailhouse


That Hungry Man


“Day before yesterday Marshall Snodgrass arrested an oldman who to all appearances was a hobo, for stealing canned goods from a wagon. He was taken to jail and as he said he was starving he was given all that he could eat. Not wishing to prosecute the old man he was turned out of jail last night after being given a good supper. No sooner was he out than he made a beeline for a bakery wagon that was standing at the street corner and stole a big chocolate cake. He was arrested and is now in jail.”

Bisbee Daily Review May 29, 1904


Ore Found


“Over where they have excavated for the new jail they have run into numerous kidneys of high grade copper glance and peacock ore. Hereafter when a bad man digs out of jail he will be earning good wages while he is digging.”

(Irregular lumps of chalcocite and bornite were discovered)


Bisbee Daily Review October 2nd 1902


Unbecoming lady


“The person with the charming and taking manners, who is charged with having appropriated $75 more or less of one P.A. Lagerfeldt in a manner unbecoming a lady and an honest person and who was to have a hearing today before Judge Hogan in some mysterious manner secured sufficient booze to acquire a jag of gigantic proportions, so that when the name Bessie Barr was reached on the calendar of his honor the officer in attendance was forced to admit the inability to produce the fair prisoner from jail, so that she will have to languish in the Lowell bastille until Monday before justice can be dealt out to her. The party is no stranger to the law from reports received as to her former life.”


Bisbee Daily Review August 12, 1906



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