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Important places underground


18-2 Winze.

A winze between the 1800 level a the 1900 level Sacramento


Air Shaft ( Sacramento mine)

Sunk near Sacramento in 1913 Intercepted an ore body also called the Sac Air Shaft.


Air-Shaft Orebody

An orebody in the Sacramento mine between the 100 and 200 intercepted by the "Air Shaft".



A nickname for the hot wet lower levels of the Campbell mine.


Atlanta Slice

An early stope in the Czar Mine located near 3-19 raise in 2-227 drift.


Ball Park Stope

A huge stope  In the Southwest mine.


Caylx Raise

This normally refers to a waste transfer raise that was drilled from the surface into the Cole mine to provide backfill to stopes.


Copper River

A crosscut on the 1300 level of the Lowell Shaft that went to a precipitation plant on the level. ref Mining & scientific press July 22 1920 pg 156


Crystal Cave

Most commonly this name referrers  to a large natural cave intercepted in the Southwest mine, also called the Higgins cave or Southwest cave.  This term can also mean any of the natural caves in Bisbee’s mines.


Cuprite Stope

A stope in the Higgins mine near the property line with  Phelps Dodge on the Tunnel level. This stope contained large amounts of cuprite and native copper.


Dividend Stope

A stope near 3-36 drift and 3-79-22 raise Czar/Holbrook area also referred to as the" Old Dividend Stope".


Douglas Raise

A double compartment raise near the Sullivan raise on the 100 level Czar Mine.( 1"-50' scale map of 100 level Czar & 100 Holbrook Mines circa 1930)


Gardner Waste Raise


Goat Caves

A  oxide stoped area open to the surface that at one time was inhabited by wild goats They are located above the library near the crest of the hill.


John Smith Stope

This early stope mined an orebody struck by the Copper Queen mine in 1885.


Lowell air shaft

The shaft started at the surface and went to the 900 level.


Masonic cave

The large natural cave that the Masonic Grand Lodge of Arizona held a meeting inside in 1897. The cave was located on the 200 level of the Czar mine.  The cave collapsed in early 1898.


Neptune Stope

Located between 200-300 levels Holbrook Mine 700 ft. southeast of shaft also referred to as the Cogswell Stope. Ref. 1904 U.S.G.S. Professional Paper by Ransome.


Outside Glory Holes

On the  edge of Sacramento pit, but not part of the pit. also called the "West Orebody".


Rucker Slice

A stope most likely in the Czar Mine.


Sacramento Winze

 Also called the Sac Winze and 16-4 Winze.


Southwest Country

An mining area southwest of the Czar Shaft. It was originally mined through the Czar until it eventually developed into the Southwest Mine.


Southwest Stope (s)

Stope in the southwestern part of the Czar mine. These later developed into the Southwest mine.


Subway station

The Sacramento shaft station 71 feet below the collar. This is where the Sacramento tunnel intersected the Shaft.


Sullivan raise

A double compartment raise on the 100 level Czar near the Douglas Raise. ( 1"-50' scale map of 100 level Czar & 100 Holbrook Mines circa 1930)


West Ore Body

 Glory Holes in the bottom of the Sac pit that the remaining ore was pushed into and recoverd on the  on 400 level,

also referred to as the "Inside Gloryholes".




















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