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Concrete car

(scoop car)

Calumet & Arizona Concrete car Bisbee, Arizona

C & A concrete car

Concrete cars were used to haul wet materials like concrete. Other types of mine cars are unfit for this job because they either leak or you do not have control when dumping the material.  These cars are known as scoop cars in other mining areas. The Bisbee version was built in the C & A blacksmith shops. Two old cars are known to exist, one is located at the Bisbee Mining and Historical museum. The other was in the Jack Schissler collection, it’s location was lost after his death.  In 2010 the Queen Mine Tour built one for mine repair where it is still in use.

Scoop car queen mine Bisbee, Arizona

Queen Mine Concrete car built in 2010


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Richard Graeme III  2011, pers. comm., 2 February

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