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Cochise Copper Mining Company

Cochise incline

Cochise shaft / Pajaro shaft / Dubacher shaft




Cochise Copper Mining Company was started in April 1898 with L.C. Shattuck and Joseph Muheim as major owners. By March 1900, the Cochise shaft which is sometimes called the Pajaro shaft was sunk with 1 ½ compartments on the Pajaro claim to a depth of 300 ft. A simple headframe with a horse whim was constructed at this time for hoisting. On the 300 level, 270ft. of drifting was done towards the Czar Mine. Some copper sulphides were encountered, but no significant ore was discovered. The activity at the mine quieted down until 1905. In July, the Cochise Development Company was formed to rework the dormant Cochise shaft. The shaft was widened to three compartments and a new headframe and hoist was erected in 1906. This shaft was eventually sunk to a depth of 935ft. Although, little water was found a pump was installed on the 200 level to handle surface water that entered the mine. In March of 1907 the mine was shut down due to a fuel shortage and never reopened.  During 1911 and 1913 some interest was paid to the Cochise mine but no work was done to the mine.

 Diagram of the Cochise Copper Mining Company mines

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