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Calumet & Cochise Shaft

 ( C&C shaft ) 



Calumet & Cochise Shaft Bisbee Arizona

The C&C shaft around 1903

 Calumet & Cochise Development Company started in April of 1903. The company began sinking a 2 ½ compartment shaft under the direction of an old, Copper Queen, miner Scott Turner. A natural cave was intercepted 180ft. from the surface. The cave was reportedly not explored, but rather boarded up by the miners. By January of 1904 the shaft was 915ft. deep and 800 gallons per hour of water was entering the shaft. After the shaft was down 992 ft. a diamond drill station was cut on 970 level of shaft for exploration. The company found it impossible to raise the necessary money to continue mining and shutdown in August 1904.  On May 21, 1905 the Calumet & Cochise was sold to Warren Realty & Development Company for $125,000. The new company decided that although, the property had value the Calumet & Cochise shaft had been sunk in the wrong location. They decided to abandon the shaft in early July. This new company focused on developing the Lonestar Shaft and realty properties in Warren. In 1917, Phelps Dodge purchased the properties from Warren Realty & Development Company for the enormous sum of $ 2, 237,000.  Phelps Dodge needed a source of clean water for the concentrator for the new Sacramento Open pit project. The Calumet & Cochise was selected to be developed for water. The steel headframe was removed from the Spray mine and installed on the C&C. and the shaft was sunk to a depth of 1,500ft. Also from the 1000 level to the surface the shaft was enlarge to 3 ½ compartments. Drifting commenced to gather water.  Pump stations were cut on both the 800 and 1800 levels. Water doors were also installed in case an unmanageable amount of water was encountered.On May 20th 1919 a hoisting accident occurred, fortunately, the cages did not have men riding in them when the hoistman erred and both cages fell to the bottom of the shaft. One cage was only 15 ft. above the bottom and was undamaged but the cable which fell and coiled on top of the cage was ruined. The other cage fell a considerable distance and the lower deck was damaged. No men were injured. Development continued at the C&C through the 1920s. In 1927 a drift from the 1800 level was driven to the Warren shaft which was being explored in an effort to find new orebodies. The Copper Queen Branch of Phelps Dodge Corporation was in difficult times because their mines in Bisbee were running out of ore. (Later, solved by purchasing the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company) In 1932 the pumps on the 1800 level were removed along with the pipe column and pumping at the mine stopped. Although, the Calumet & Cochise was never a producer of ore it served in the essential role as a“water” mine and provided clean water for the mines. In 1973, the steel headframe was refurbished and moved to the Shattuck mine.  Today, the hoist house still can be seen sitting on the waste dumps of limestone, above the Bisbee High School

Diagram showing pump stations in the Calumet & Cochise Shaft Bisbee Arizona

View of 800 level & 1800 level pump stations

C & C shaft warren az
Calumet & Cochise Shaft  circa 1988 Bisbee Arizona

Calumet & Cochise mine, circa 1988

water door on 1800 level C & C Shaft Warren Arizona

Water door on the 1800 level

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