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Boras Incline Shaft



The 1 ½ compartment Boras Incline Shaft was sunk in 1917 under lease from the Phelps Dodge Corporation by the Boras Leasing Company. The shaft was sunk on a surface outcropping of ore under the direction of Harry Jennings. A few years earlier a rich orebody had been discovered in the White Tailed deer incline at shallow depth. This earlier discovery fueled the interest in the property.   In 1918 copper ore was struck on the 200 level and some work was being done on sliver bearing ore on the surface. Ironically, the ore was discovered on the same day Jennings was elected to the state legislature by a wide margin.  Work continued on this shaft until 1919, when promising discoveries encouraged the sinking of a larger vertical shaft known as the Boras #2 Shaft 100 ft. to the Southwest. In 1918 the Boras leasing Company mined $25,000 in ore from the incline. Meat market owner E.A. Torvea and Bisbee’s postmaster R.L. Baily were stockholders of this closely held company. The small partially filled raw shaft was visible in the late 1980s.  It appeared that a short section at the top of the shaft was probably open and partly filled, but the lower sections were filled completely.

Diagram of Boras Incline Shaft showing levels
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