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Bisbee Queen Development Company

Bisbee Queen Mine / United Verde Extension Mine / UVX Mine



Located in Gold Gulch and just over the hill from the Ivanhoe Mine, the Bisbee Queen was started under the direction of B.F. Graham a local businessman and owner of the O.K. Livery Stables in Bisbee and the O.K. Stage Line. The Bisbee Queen ran into difficulties before it even broke ground on its mining claims. When the editor of the Bisbee Daily review sent a letter to Iron Ore, a newspaper in Ishpeming, Michigan seeking a quote for advertisements for the Bisbee Queen to sell stock the editor, Mr Newett wrote back with a scathing reply. Newett accused the Bisbee Queen of being a fraudulent mine and trying to take  dishonestly take money from Michigan residents. Editor of the Bisbee Daily Review, W.B. Kelly took offense and felt that Iron Ore was not only attacking the Bisbee Queen, but all developing properties in Bisbee. He defended the Bisbee Queen Development Company and published Mr. Newett’s letter and his own venomous response to Iron Ore in the Bisbee Daily Review of May 17, 1903. By July 21, 1903 the shaft was 40 feet deep. After this the Company was faced with heavy litigation objecting to the company patenting mining claims, but these were later settled in the Bisbee Queen’s favor. In December 1904 the property was quietly sold to eastern investors for $150,000. Little work again occurred before the Bisbee Queen Mining Company was reorganized in 1905. The new company decided to let the site remain undeveloped.  In 1926 the United Verde Extension Mining Company was in trouble. Their successful mines in Jerome were running out of ore and the company was search elsewhere to mine. The Bisbee Queen Property was purchased by the United Verde Extension for exploration and employed 25 men to sink the 3 compartment shaft 825ft. three levels were developed, but by 1928 the exploration was unsuccessful and the operation was closed. During the 1990s, the shaft was open, but raw and surrounded by a sheet metal fence.

Diagram of the Bisbee Queen Shaft Bisbee Arizona
Ad for stock in Bisbee Queen Development Company

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