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Stories from the Deep


Bisbee underground

Lives in Tunnel Overlooking City


“An old timer in the district by the name of Cannon has unique abode, for which, although he is not the owner, he does not pay any rent and is situated as comfortably as many people.

On the side of the trail leading up the mountain above the big hole opened up by the Copper Queen company years ago when they commenced developing the local mines, is a tunnel, which runs into the side of the hill and was done years ago for the purpose of assessment work. In this tunnel Cannon who is well past the sixty mark, and has been a resident of the district for a number of years make his home.

The tunnel is fitted up with a cook stove, a bed, wash basin and in fact all of the furnishings of a prospector’s camp and it is probable that the occupant would not exchange quarters for a comfortable structure in the city.

The unique dwelling, which is located about 600ft. above Main Street has all the advantages of fresh air, quiet and as it is in solid rock, is only slightly affected by rainfalls.

There are very few people in the city aware of the existence of Cannon’s dwelling as he is of a very reticent disposition and seldom speaks to anyone in his walks around the city, which are infrequent and are only made for the purpose of getting provisions. He is an advocate of Socialistic principles and it is probably of such doctrine is ridiculed generally that he has sought hermitage.”


Bisbee Daily Review February 27, 1908

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