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Pittsburg & Hecla mine






On June 22, 1903, sinking of the double compartment shaft began on a site “surrounded by lofty rigged mountains” by the Pittsburg & Hecla Development Company. The ground nearby was stained by malachite giving an indication of copper, but little clue to the presence of mineable ore. Under the direction of Superintendent Thomas A. Tate the shaft made incredible progress the shaft was almost 80ft. deep by July 26. It was felt that the shaft may break the shaft sinking record in the district. It is important to recognize this shaft was being hand drilled not machine drilled and the rock was being hoisted by a horse whim not a steam hoist.  In August of 1903, a double drum steam hoist was being installed and a headframes was constructed. Around the mine a small community known as “Tom’s Camp” developed. This consisted of five or six house including a bunkhouse and a baby, blue, mine office. By the summer of 190, specks of sulphides covered the dumps and a stringers of copper and lead sulphides had been intercepted in the shaft. The shaft was completed at 575 ft. deep and a diamond drill hole was drilled 1,000 ft. from the bottom of the shaft. 1905, was the end of work at the Pittsburg & Hecla in June the company was unable to make the last payment on the property and the claims reverted back to Thomas Tate the original owner. Mr. Tate reported, that no ore had been intercepted by the drill hole, but he did complete the assessment work on the claims.


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