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Out of the ordinary





Wren Herman Have Piece of Radium



“A genuine piece of the precious metal radium is in the possession of the Wren-Herman Company, assayist and chemist, of this city, and while it is only a very small particle of the wonderful substance it is sufficient to show some of its properties by the aid of an instrument. The particle of radium possessed by Messers Wren and Herman is contained in a sprithroicope (sic) and its size is less than a hundredth part of a grain. When it is considered that it requires 480 grains to make an ounce, a rough guess might be made as to the insignificant amount of space the piece of metal takes up.

            The particle of radium at the Wren-Herman offices comes directly from the laboratory of Sir William Crooks (sic) of London. Sir William Crooks is one of the foremost scientist of the day, and he was largely influential in bringing about the utility of X-rays. He is also doing much toward extracting radium from crude ores so that the price of the now enormously high priced substance will be greatly lessened and thereby the metal can be used for the many purposes for it is adapted, such as curing diseases that were heretofore pronounced incurable.

            When observed through the sprinthericope (sic) in which the metal was sent from London, the small particle is seen to glow and throw of myriads of scintillations of light. It is both curious and wonderful to look at, while to be told of the marvelous possibilities of the substance, when used for certain purposes, one is inclined to doubt, though there is no doubting the possibilities of science through its use in the light of the recent demonstrations and experiments made by the foremost scientists of the age.

Messers. Wren and Herman procured the radium ore now in their possession for use in their offices in making comparisons, as it is most useful for that purpose. They will be pleased to have parties interested visit them and take a peep at the curious metal.”


(Note the instrument was a Spinthariscope and the scientist was Sir William Crooke)


 Bisbee Daily Review March 22 1904

Copper Queen Store

The Big Cheese will be cut Tomorrow



“During the past few days the Coper Queen Store grocery department had an enormous Crawford full cream cheese on display and solicitors have been busy booking orders for it at 25 cents the pound.

This mammoth Chees weighs 1141 pounds and will bet cut tomorrow. It is two feet, four inches thick three feet and two inches in diameter and nearly eleven feet in circumference. To cut it a wire will be drawn through dividing it into five wheels-or parts, each wheel being about six inches thick, thirty eight inches in diameter and weighing nearly 200 pounds.

These wheels are then segregated into portions such as customer’s desire.

It is well known fact that a larger cheese the better it is and the Copper Queen store patrons no doubt have a splendid treat coming. It is expected that the entire chees will be sold before tomorrow.”


Bisbee Daily Review Jan 9 1909


Something Wrong




A spirit medium writes to Bisbee for information whether it would pay her to drop in our copper camp and remain in our midst to impart to me spiritually inclined messages from the departed, open wide to them the door of the future and put them on the road to wealth. It would seem the wily medium was giving herself away. Why does not her 'spirit" friends come to her rescue and tell her about Bisbee instead of depending on material sources for her information.

Tombstone epitaph., September 22, 1895

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