Phelps Dodge Employee List 

This is a list of Phelps Dodge employees including


  • Cochise Publishing Co/ (Bisbee Daily Review)

  • Copper Queen (mines division)

  • Copper Queen Hospital

  • Copper Queen Hotel

  • Copper Queen Library 

  • Douglas Reduction Works (only a few)

  • Phelps Dodge Mercantile Bisbee

  • Phelps Dodge Mercantile Douglas (only a few)

  • Warren Company

  • Wholesale Grocery Bisbee

* Listed as CQ Branch are most likely hospital determined from employment end date of     7/1/76  

** Could Work for either Bisbee or Douglas Wholesale Grocery  

This has been compiled from various sources and contains 3530 names. The list is far from a complete. There are other lists on the website for additional names. Note: there are some issues with spelling and duplicates. The spelling used is from the original source documents and is often incorrect due to poor literacy at the time and errors.  Duplicates have been left in the list because we were unsure if they are not two different people with the same name.

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Employment Date
Payroll Number
Job title
Abloogalook Reuben M
Copper Queen
Abril Amado R
Copper Queen
Abril Danny
Copper Queen
Abril Felipe M
Copper Queen