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Copper Queen Car

Copper Queen mine car

Copper Queen Car located near the B level station Copper Queen incline shaft

 This is the earliest known type of mine car used in Bisbee mines. The car is first seen in drawings made of the Copper queen mine in 1881.  A single car was found in the Copper Queen incline shaft during the reopening of the Queen tunnel for tours. This car was used to hoist rock out of the shaft to the surface with a steam hoist.   They are an end dump car with the door latch located oddly on the door itself.  The cars have a steel plate covering ¾ of the top of the tub. The plate was to keep the rock from spilling out of the car into the shaft. The car could hold approximately one ton of material.

Copper Queen mne car inside Copper Queen shaft

End view of a Copper Queen Car inside the Copper Queen incline shaft

Richard Graeme IV 2012, pers. comm., 2 March
Garlick S.C., Pattiani A.W., Copper Queen Mine Plat, Section through A-B & C.D.  May 16 1881

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